When we establish a new working relationship with a business that you refer,
you will be awarded creative credits. These credits will be collected into an account
for you and can be used anytime for a creative project.

Your organization will receive 10% of the total billable creative costs
for any referred projects. For example, if we bill a referred client $1,000
for creative/design service, your organization receives $100 worth of credits.
There is no limit to the amount of credits you may gather.

Once your referral account has been established,
you will receive a monthly total of the credit available for your next project.
Credits are honored for internal-Luconti Design charges only,
and may not be used on any services by our partners/suppliers.
If you choose to use them, the amount will be reflected on the final invoice for that project.

We greatly appreciate working with you.
We can simply say thank you, but anyone can do that — we would like to do more!